Blissfully Blighted


My sunken eyes, bear signs forlorn,

For in their gaze a love was born

Your gentle way, your soft kind eyes

Draw me in deep, my love entice


Your delicate features,​​ your radiant skin,

Your endearing little quirks and mannerisms

Your perfect imperfections,

Though exquisite,

Simply cannot capture your deeper beauty within


lonely when apart, yet I feel lonelier, when nearer still,

For more apparent is the hole to fill.


But though I feel such intense despair,

It’s not pure,

In fact it’s delightful.

It’s a delightfully distressing indivisible dichotomy

​​ A delightful despair,

A terrific turmoil,

An excruciating ecstasy,


For though my stomach is on knots, there are​​ butterflies too

Though my eyes are sunken, they sparkle true

Though my heart hangs heavy, it flutters uncontrollably too

For it hangs in the balance, my fate in your hands

Only you can release me from this jarring harmony

This Cacophonous Symphony,

Free me​​ from my emotional purgatory

Are my feelings returned? Or Unrequited?

For while I wait to find out,

My heart for you, remains,

Blissfully blighted.
























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