Henrietta the Hyena


On a plush and vibrant grassland in the centre of Sudan

Lived a bunch of boisterous hyenas, in a merry little clan

A frivolous, flighty, flock, oh how they loved​​ to laugh

They’d giggle and chuckle and snigger and titter so hard they’d nearly barf


See laughing was their thing, it was what they loved do

Their eyes would burst, their cheeks would swell, and their faces would turn blue

But there was one who did not laugh, their games she would eschew​​ 

She had no time for fun, there were more important things to​​ 


She was the leader of the clan, the boss, the schedule setter

She was a stern and thoughtful soul, by the name of Henrietta!


You see the clan it needed order, a clear and concise plan

Rules and laws and structure, to keep things spick and span

This task fell to the leader; it was her job to provide

Clear instructions and a schedule to which all others must abide.


And to her task she rigidly stuck, and all else​​ she would shun

Her time was not for wasting, with laughter or with fun

For her it served no purpose, no point in any case

She had no time for laughter, in her life it had no place.


She’d spend her whole time working, which left her stressed and vexed

How others found such time to laugh left her quite perplexed.


She’d think and often ponder, how could she do things better

And work herself in to a tis, she really was a fretter.

So many things, so little time, worried poor old Henrietta.


Her schedule was​​ strict, her rules were firm but fair

Everyone pulled their weight, and everyone got their share

All her actions served a purpose, her rules achieved an aim

So from pointless games and laughter, she always would refrain.


The things that made her schedule,​​ those that made her list

Were useful and productive, by now you get the gist

They were all written in order, nothing left out, nothing missed

Her schedule she had posted and it looked a bit like this:​​ 


The morning was for grooming, to fluff their fur and​​ lick it clean

To put each ruffled hair in place and restore its glossy sheen

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

Then after they’d plan the hunt, down to the last detail

Apply all their guile and cunning, to produce a plan that could not fail

Their tactics​​ needed to be sound, to make the perfect steal

Or else they would go hungry, they’d go without a meal.


This plan they would then execute, the hunt would next take place

Then came time for eating, to greedily stuff their face


Once their meal was over and​​ all the meat was scoffed

A group must use their ears and eyes to keenly guard and watch

A group of ten would do, each with a patch to keep their eye on

To protect against all predators, especially the lion


The rest would practice fighting, to improve their skills and their technique

So they could ward of all outsiders, that they should happen to meet.


In the afternoon, some would give lessons, to the youngsters of the clan

While others tidied up their den and made it spick and span.


And so that was the agenda, the schedule, the program, the plan

Enforced by Henrietta, as the leader of the clan

She’d oversee each item and ensure that it was done

To the high standard she would expect, from each and everyone


When the day was through, the hyenas would relax

They’d resume play, and laugh and joke, together in their packs

They would chuckle, they would giggle, they would cackle, they would roar

In stitched they would titter, as they rolled around the floor.


Henrietta did not partake, from such foolery she’d​​ refrain

To her it served no purpose, it was pointless and inane​​ 

Although she would allow it, she did not have it banned

To her it was a mystery, she didn’t understand.


Instead she’d review the day, and the rota for the clan

Preparing for the next day, she would meticulously plan.


And so this was the pattern, how Henrietta spent her days

The pragmatic little pooch, sensible in all her ways​​ 

Worked tirelessly without stopping, she barely took a rest

Committed to her clan, she strove to do her best


And while it was quite noble, quite gallant and quite brave

Under the weight of her huge workload, the conscientious canine would cave

She’d worry, stress and vex, she’d brood, panic and fret

Was everything in order? Had her targets and goals been met?


She’d pace and agonise, as she reviewed her strategy

Had she employed the correct tactics? The correct policy?

Her work was such a tire, exhausting, such a strain

As all those ideas and those worries whirled around in her poor brain.



But one day something happened,​​ something strange and something new

Why and how she did not know, she did not have a clue

A joke she overheard, from a little gang she’d passed

And without thinking for a second, the worried canine couldn’t help but laugh.


And what a laugh it was, what a​​ guffaw, what a roar

Doubled up, in stitches, she was rolling on the floor

When they saw her in hysterics, the clan could not believe

She laughed so long and hard, she almost couldn’t breath


And to her something happened, as the clan watched in disbelief

She felt a sudden change, a sudden easing and relief

Her worries seemed to disappear, to float in to the air

How light she felt, relaxed-tranquil and calm, a dog without a care


Her concerns began to fade, her troubles lessen and recede

From all her anguish and her fretting Henrietta had been freed.


​​ As she gathered herself together and let her laughter fade

​​ she realised what a wonderful discovery she’d made

Now it was so clear, now Henrietta understood

That laughter had a purpose, it was magic, it was good


What a revelation, what an epiphany​​ 

How laughter was such medicine, how it could make you feel so free


​​ Immediately, Henrietta gathered all the clan, her discovery she’d announce,

 ​​​​ Laughter was a magical thing, she no longer would renounce

She saw it had a purpose, she saw it had a place

It was not pointless or inane, that just was not the case.


No longer would she disregard, ignore, avoid or shun

The laughter, the jokes, the foolery, the play acting and fun

In fact she made a promise, a pledge, an​​ oath a vow

To set aside some time for fun, to laugh and just chill out


And so from that day forth, Henrietta would remember​​ 

To always spare some time for fun, when setting her agenda.




















































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