Lena the Lemur


On an isolated Island in the middle of the sea

Lived a troop of lackadaisical Lemurs, who lay among the trees

Listless and lack lustre, they would barely jump or swing

So lazy were the Lemurs, they would hardly do a thing


In fact their only action, their one and only feat

Was to munch upon the cantaloupe, they so fondly like to eat

They would eat and eat and eat, as they lay outstretched in the heat

And as far as they could see, their lives were quite complete


They had all that they would need, to eat and live and cope

For the island produced in abundance, their hallowed cantaloupe

Of food it was quite certain their supply would never cease

So they never cared to worry,​​ they were happy with their feast.


They loved their juicy fruit,​​ and could not want for more

All the fruit they duly needed,​​ their Island surely bore

But one Lemur dared to dream, could there be something more?

For her the taste of cantaloupe had become​​ something of a bore.​​ 

Lena was her name and her mind was full of wonder

What treasures may lie beyond the shore, she thought, on islands far and yonder.


How often she would sit, with a cantaloupe in her hand

As she chewed upon its flavourless flesh, so insipid, oh so bland!

 ​​​​ upon the far horizon, she’d then dreamily cast her gaze

Thinking of the fruits that may lie yonder, fruits that would startle and amaze.


So Lena told the other Lemurs, about her thoughts, about her dream

Of other islands like their own baring fruits they’d never seen

Fruits of different colours, sizes, shapes and taste

And how to such Islands they must travel, with purpose and with haste.


But the other Lemurs laughed and scoffed at her idea

Other islands beyond the shore, this thought they found quite queer

There were no other islands, to be seen or to conceive

Such Islands simply did not exist, as far as they believed.

Their Island was all that stood, solitary and alone

There were no distant islands on which other fruits were grown

Such imagining was foolish; it was nothing but a dream

There were no other islands, no new fruits to be seen.


But Lena disagreed, they could not be alone

There must be other islands, other than their own

In all that distant sea, all that vastness all that​​ space

There must be other islands, it had to be the case


So Lena plucked up all her courage and applied all of her craft

And from the trees around her she built herself a raft

The raft she called “The Dreamer “and with it she set sail

Despite the doubting Lemurs, who thought her doomed to fail. ​​ 


She faced hurricanes and twisters, rough and raging seas

She endured cold conditions, which brought her to her knees

She battled every current, and rode out all the waves

As she sailed across the ocean for​​ countless months and days

The intrepid Lemur never faltered, she never gave up hope

With everything the sea threw at her, she knew that she could cope

The winds, the rain, the thunder, the lightning and the hail

The little Lemur battled, determined not to​​ fail


On and on she ventured across the perilous sea

And not a single other island did she notice, did she see

Hear heart began to sink, perhaps the other Lemurs were right and she was wrong

But she courageously ventured, pushing on and on


Forty more days of thunder, of endless waves and rain

The little Lemur faced with valour, steadfast she remained

She piloted her vessel and steered it through the tempest

Nothing would stop this explorer on her travels on her quest.


After 144 days, Lena’s hope began to​​ wain

Perhaps her trip was pointless, her efforts all in vein

But to her surprise she spotted, in the distance through the storm

A great big island standing proud, no longer was she forlorn.

As she approached the island, her eyes widened in delight

Such a​​ myriad of trees and fruit, an overwhelming sight

She cast her anchor down and paddled to the shore

Islands she had dreamed of, but this something more.

​​ endless fruits she found, on trees and shrubs and plants​​ 

she sampled everyone and revelled in the chance


Fruits of sweet and sour, some crunchy and some soft

Each one she picked with relish, and with joy she quickly scoffed

Some with pips and seeds, others with a stone

Some that grew in bunches and some that grew alone


With a full spectrum of colours, with a plethora of tastes​​ 

With a myriad of textures, the islands fruit had all been graced

More types than she’d imagined, that she could possibly have conceived

There was a bounty of the fullest, which had to be seen to be believed.


Lena packed the fruits in her crates, and gave each new fruit a name

The Lemur’s lives she’d change forever, they would never be the same

Lena readied her voyaging vessel, and waited for the tide to turn

Back to her island she would venture, to her home she would return.


She’d fight the waves once more, the lighting, the rain, the hail and thunder

To deliver her precious fruits, to share her new found plunder.


​​ With the wind behind her sails Lena caught a passing drift

Which carried her trusty vessel, and brought her home so​​ swift

As she reached her destination, she looked upon the shore

Where the doubting Lemurs had assembled, and looked at her in awe


Their eyes were fixed and wide, their jaws had hit the floor

In disbelief they stared, transfixed by what they saw


​​ Lena unloaded her cargo, proudly on the shore

She introduced each fruit, giving the doubting lemurs a tour

They felt and touched and sampled each fruit from her fine quarry

And for doubting the little Lemur, it was clear that they were sorry.


Lena stood upon a​​ crate and raised her hand to speak

The other lemurs stood in silence, not a mutter, not a peep​​ 


“I do not which to lecture, I do not wish to gloat,

But one thing that you must heed, and make a point to note,

A simple little lesson, from what I’ve shown and what you’ve seen

Is what can be achieved, when you dare to dream!”





















































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