Sid the Squid


Sid was a squid who lived in a crevice in the deep

And from his little aperture, he never dared to creep

See Sid was a shy, a coy and bashful squid

And being reserved​​ and retiring, this fissure was where he hid​​ 


See something Sid had noticed, when he’d dared to peep

​​ Was that he was somewhat different, from the other creatures of the deep

Each creature that he noticed, each one that he would view

Each had a select colour, their signature, solid hue.


But Sid was quite the opposite, no certain colour did he show

For his colours were ever changing, in an iridescent glow

From green to red to blue, to yellow he would flitter

Ever changing by the second, he would sparkle he​​ would glitter


Sid knew this made him different, he knew he was not the same

He felt humiliation and overwhelming shame

He wanted to fit in, to be like everybody else

So in his cavern he remained, hidden by the kelp.


Every night the creatures would gather​​ for the disco of the deep

And from his hide Sid would cast his glance, in awe the squid would peep

The music would commence and the fun would soon begin

Oh how Sid longed to dance, how he wished he could join in


But never could he venture, the other creatures would laugh and howl and scream

They’d giggle and grin and stare and point at the strangest creature they’d ever seen

He would be humiliated because he was different, because he was not the same

Oh the embarrassment he would feel, the hurt, the mocking the shame.


So each night would pass, each disco ensue

As Sid remained hiding, bound by his shyness, his glue​​ 

The creatures would frolic and dance with glee

As Sid remained hiding, the loneliest creature in the sea


But one day things changed, no longer could he persist

The beat of the music Sid could not resist

Too long had he hidden, no longer could he shun

He wanted to dance, to join in the fun


And with a tentative tentacle from his hide Sid crept​​ 

And with a courageous push to the disco he leapt

No​​ longer in hiding, in shyness, on the verge

From the depth of his cave Sid had sprung and emerged


From the abyss Sid daringly flew

No longer the fun would he fearfully eschew

This was his moment and this was his time

And boy did he impress, oh boy did he​​ shine


He rose from the deep in a glow incandescent

And lit up the dance floor with colours fluorescent

Colours the creatures had neither seen nor could envision

Sid spun in his splendour, an ever changing, spectacular vision.


No creature had laughed,​​ no​​ mocking could be heard

Only gasps of wonder, no one uttered word

They simply stared in amazement, entranced and in awe

As they looked at the most beautiful creature to have graced the​​ sea floor


“Oh where have you been hiding, from where have you come?

Such colours of beauty, such power to stun”

I am Sid cried the squid and I have hidden in fear

For I thought all would mock me for being so queer”


Oh how silly to hide, how wrong you could be​​ 

Our differences we celebrate, they bring us such glee

For some of us are flat and others are round​​ 

If you look at us closely such differences can be found​​ 


Some of use bare spots while others have stripes

Each creature is different; there are all sorts of types

Some have claws, while others have​​ a shell

Look at our differences, can’t you see, can’t you tell

There are creatures with legs, tentacles and fins

Some like the ray even have wings

Some breathe the water while others breathe air

But these differences we celebrate, so don’t fear don’t​​ despair.

Join us you have,​​ and join us you should

Our differences our celebrated our uniqueness understood

Being different is not bad, being different is good

To choose to be the same would be boring, and none of us would.


Oh how I have worried, such fret​​ and such fear

How I thought I’d be mocked for being so queer.

But now I see, now I understand​​ 

 ​​ ​​ ​​​​  If we were not different life would be so bland.


I see all our differences and see that they’re great

They are not something to mock but instead celebrate.


So Sid danced and danced in his colours with pride,

No more would he feel ashamed, no more would he hide.







 ​​ ​​​​ 







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