“Aww, you’re so cute!!!”

I don’t want to be cute! I don’t want to be an aww!

Sure, it’s better than an insipid meh,

Preferable to a repulsive urgh,

But is an aww really​​ something, that you deeply crave or yearn for?

Is it something that you need, that you just can’t be without

Does it ignite a raging fire, that only having me can douse?

No! I want to be an ooh, I want to be an mmm


Let’s say I were a cake…


I don’t want to be that cute little cupcake,

That you mindlessly eat, while on coffee break

It’s pleasant, sure, but it will never make your knees tremble or quake

I want to be that rich, sensual, double chocolate gateaux

That transcends all experience, takes you to new​​ plains of pleasure, and undiscovered plateaus.

I want to make you salivate, to lick your lips at first sight,

When you look upon me, your eyes to widen with delight.

To ignite in you, a raging fire,

A burning, uncontrollable, visceral desire.

So that as​​ you put me to your lips, and open to receive me,

An anticipation graps you so intense, you beg, from this, please free me

And that I do, once I’m inside,

your exhilaration, you cannot hide

You contort, throw your head back, and bite your quivering lip,

As​​ down your throat, I slowly slip

With each spoon, I make you swoon,

Inducing an inexplicable, all over tingle,

As with your taste buds I tangle, intertwine and mingle

In your stomach an awakening,

In your chest a palpitating

I’d make you gasp and exclaim,

Feel sensations so intense, you simply can’t explain

A pleasure so extreme, you almost cannot bear,

It’s bordering on pain, yet you beg me, take me there

I’d make you cry out to a deity,

With just one mouthful,

let alone a plate of me…


So there you have it, that’s how I feel

Please don’t see me as a cupcake,

Don’t see me as an aww,

I want to be to you, an mmm or ooh!

Your double chocolate gateaux boo!
















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