Herb the hermit crab


Herb the Hermit Crab


“Arthur”, cried herb, “I call on Thee”

My faithful and trusted anemone​​ 

Your help I require, for a task you see

To help find a new home, for both you and me.


Our​​ home is quite sound and whilst it is fine,

It’s seen better days; it’s lost all its shine

Together we must venture, embark on a quest

To find a new home and it must be the best.


Anything less simply will not suffice,​​ 

Our home must be perfect, not simply​​ just nice.

We shall search high and low, travel every road

Until we have found our perfect abode.


“Why Herb well of course, I will be by your side”,

Arthur the anemone enthusiastically cried.

“Well, let us make haste; we’d better not dally,

Let us head​​ straight, to the great shell valley.


And so of they went, a new home in mind

Leaving their old home abandoned behind.

Herb dreamt of the fantastic new home they would find

A home to which they could both perfectly bind.


As they reached the valley herb proudly declared

He would find a new home to which no other could be compared

A shell other crabs would look at in awe

They would be the most dashing pair on the sea floor.


Look cried Arthur, his eyes wide with delight,

That shell over there, what a beautiful sight.

Oh what a shine, what a beautiful glimmer

That shell is fantastic; we’ve found us a winner.


“Why Yes”, replied Herb, “I see what you mean”

“The colours are nice and so is its sheen.”

“But I’m afraid it won’t do, it’s simply not right,”

“It’s far​​ too narrow, it’s far too tight”.


“Well how about this”, cried Arthur, holding a different shell

“There’s plenty of room can’t you see? Can’t you tell?”

“Why of course I can see and of course I can tell,

But I could never put up with its strange funny smell.”


“Well then here’s another, come quick take a glance,

You’d better take this while you still have the chance.

Its pattern is wondrous, it’s rarer than gold

What a beautiful shell, what a sight to behold.”


“Yes, but while the pattern is nice and​​ certainly rare,

I cannot say it’s a shell for which I particularly care.

On my back it feels strange when I try it on,

It’s clunky and heavy, it’s awkward, just wrong.”

“Well how about this, this smooth pearly shell

With this on your back, you’re sure to​​ look well.”

“Well it fits nice and snug and it does really suit,

But with only one colour it’s as dull as a boot.”


“Well here this is it, I’m sure it’s the one,

Surely this shell there’s no reason to shun.

“Well I do like its shape and it feels the right​​ size,

But its uneven spots don’t appeal to my eyes.


“Oh Arthur you cannot seem to find

That perfect shell I had in my mind

The shell that would cause an almighty commotion,

The shell that would make us the talk of the ocean.”


But Herb all these shells, everyone you dismiss

Have an individual beauty that you seem to miss

Why yes they have flaws, each of a different kind

But a shell without flaws you simply won’t find.


On this quest of yours it is pointless to persist

That perfect shell in your mind, it​​ does not exist

But herb do not worry, there’s no need to fret

You have just set a standard that cannot be met.


Now look at these shells, with what I have said,

Don’t think of that shell that exists in your head

There are shells of all colours, all patterns, shapes and size

Each one is a treat for anyone’s eyes.


Why Arthur you’re right, you clever anemone

You’ve opened my eyes, it’s clear now to me

I know my mistake, there’s no need to fret

I’ve simply set standards which cannot be met.

Of the shells I have tried, each one was just fine,

Let us take one for our home,

And not waste any more time.




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