Having been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in 2010 and subsequently spending the last 8 years fighting it (in and out of treatment), I have come to realise that​​ when it comes to OCD, and mental health in general, there are a number of issues and barriers which need to be addressed and broken down. These issues include;


  • The lack of public awareness and understanding of mental health issues.​​ 

  • The stigma that remains attached to the issue of mental health.

  • The lack of funding provided by the government and consequent inability of the NHS to meet the demand for mental health care and provide an effective service.


Thus my motivation for creating this website/blog is trifold, I hope to;


  • Increase public awareness and understanding.

  • Reduce/eradicate the stigma surrounding the issue of mental health.

  • Campaign for increased government spending in the area of mental health so that the NHS may provide an effective treatment​​ and support service.​​ 


I realise these are ambitious objectives, and not ones I am going to be able to achieve on my own. However, if, through this undertaking, I am able to go someway towards, if not realising, at least promoting such aims, I will be delighted. ​​ 




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