Joie de vivre

Rediscovering, and getting back into, things I used to love and enjoy doing, has helped me to find some joie de vivre amidst a shit storm of anxiety, OCD and depression. Skateboarding is one of these activities. It's very sensory,​​ making it an activity which is easy to do in a mindful way. It allows me to get out of my head and into my body, giving me a precious break from a very busy and distressed mind. There's no real point to it for me, other than having fun. Having fun is something I've always found hard to do, as my mind is always there to fuck it up for me in some way. But skateboarding is fun as fuck, and I really did have some real fun bowling down some hills tonight. Maybe think about something you used to enjoy as a child​​ or teenager and give it a go. See if it can inject a bit of fun and joy into your day and life again🙂 Xxx

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