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While on the ward, during the evenings when things quietened down some, I would sit in the dining area and listen to the radio. I would tune it to​​ Magic FM 105.4, and just sit there, put my head back and listen. I’ve always found the music they play to be pleasing, soothing and uplifting. It’s almost meditative listening to it, as the mellifluous melodies allow you to drift into a state of relaxation. The presenters speak in dulcet, almost hypnotic tones, like some sort of new age masseuse. You can almost smell the incense and feel your tension easing, as the presenters voice and the music work over your​​ tight muscles, gently coaxing them to relent and relax.​​ 

One evening, as I was listening, another patient/friend, asked me what station it was that I listened to in the evenings, as she had sat and listened a few times after I had left, and really enjoyed​​ it, I think much for the same reasons.​​ 

Consequently, seen as we both found it a pleasant and helpful experience, I felt I would share it with you, in case, you too, might find it beneficial to listen to at the end of the day, or at any point during it for that matter.​​ 

I’d like to point out here that I am not getting any money for singing the praises of Magic FM, although what follows looks suspiciously to the contrary lol, it really is just something I have found genuinely helpful.​​ 

If you click on Magic​​ FM above, there is a link to their site where you can listen online. Alternatively, you can listen via radio at 105.4 FM or via the magic FM app, which is available for download on both Android and iOS if I’m correct.​​ 

One last option, which I avail of on​​ a regular basis, particularly when looking for a playlist to listen to in the shower, is the playlist below, which some kind person has compiled on Spotify.​​ 

Anyway, like I said, I just thought I would share this with you in case you might want to give it​​ a go and see if you too find it helpful and of use.​​ 


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