Nowhere to run


Our mind and body is​​ designed to take flight, to elope,

When it encounters a situation with which it can’t cope

We run from the situation,​​ escape to safety,​​ 

But that’s the thing!

What does one do, when the​​ situation​​ is within?

How does one flee,​​ 

Escape their own skin?

How do you escape, how can you abscond?

When it’s impossible to break the bond

Held captive, in your own body and mind

You are inextricably you, you can’t leave you behind

How can you take flight, leave your own mind?

For you are you, wherever you are,

Your​​ mind you cannot leave

No hiatus is possible, no let up,​​ or reprieve​​ 

But the urge is intense, overwhelming, excruciating!

Though you know​​ escape is impossible, attempts to,​​ futile,

For it,​​ your body still​​ desperately​​ yearns.

Though your mind knows the score, it’s something your body never learns

It desperately writhes, twists,​​ contorts​​ and squirms,

But what is the use?

For the straight jacket of your skin, it never comes loose

You pull at it still though, as it itches,​​ and burns,​​ without rest

You wish you could peel back, tear open, and butterfly your chest

And through this aperture, make your departure.

Leave your mind and body behind​​ 

And somehow escape your corporeal prison

But the body and mind’s bars are​​ reinforced,

They’re impervious to the utmost cunning, the most substantial blunt​​ force

Escape is not an option!​​ We know that!

So now you lie there, paralysed, immobilised,​​ in this​​ unbearable​​ chrysalis​​ 

buried alive, inside your somatic sarcophagus







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