Torrential Existential

Am I really​​ Here? Or are​​ You really​​ There?​​ 

Does it even matter? Do I even care?

And even if​​ We are, and so,​​ I,​​ and​​ You,​​ exist

The riddle ends not there my friend, there’s far more of this pish

For,​​ what is,​​ this,​​ Here and​​ There,​​ We share?

Is​​ There part of​​ Here, or is​​ Here part of​​ There?

Perhaps it’s neither!

And if it’s neither,​​ Here, nor​​ There,​​ We share, then​​ Where?

Even if​​ We say, for arguments sake alone,​​ 

That You and I are Here,

When it comes​​ Our time to go,​​ 

Is it​​ There​​ to which​​ We go? Or​​ Where?

Or perhaps​​ We come back​​ Here,

In which case,​​ We never left,

In which case,​​ We could not have come back,​​ Here!

Is there,​​ Something, or​​ Nothing, after this​​ Something or​​ Nothing?​​ 

Again, for arguments sake, let’s say that​​ We are​​ Here,

And when​​ We leave​​ We go to​​ There, or​​ Where or​​ Here

That does not solve the​​ How!

How did​​ We come to be?

Were we​​ made? And if so,​​ 

By​​ Whom?​​ 

By​​ Him?​​ Or​​ Her?​​ Or​​ It?​​ or​​ What?​​ 

Or perhaps​​ not?

If we were​​ made by​​ Whomever, then who made​​ Whomever?

Or maybe​​ Whomever made​​ Us, but was not​​ Whomself made?

If​​ We were made, do​​ We have a purpose, is there meaning?

If not, is there not?

Or even if so,​​ perhaps​​ there’s​​ not?​​ 

And once again, if not, perhaps there is?​​ 

I guess what I’m trying to ascertain is, is there a point​​ to all of​​ This,

That is,​​ or isn’t

Does it matter what,​​ I,​​ or​​ You,​​ both​​ say or do?

I guess that’s the problem,

You cannot ascertain the uncertain,

Of that I am certain!​​ or am I?

So when so much is unanswered, uncertain, and unknown,

It can be hard to be the dog, that lets go of that bone,

And​​ even when you do,​​ what​​ is one​​ left feeling?

Doubt is the antithesis,​​ to certainty’s appealing

Terror? ​​​​ Awe?​​ Wonderment?​​ Loneliness?​​ Freedom?​​ Unburdened?​​ Responsible?​​ Insignificant?​​ Significant?​​ Excited?​​ Disinterested?​​ Apathetic?​​ Inspired? Thankful? Resentful? Happy? Sad? overwhelming fear?...

I guess I’ll settle for ambivalence,​​ 

and an​​ ice-cold​​ beer.​​ 









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