Social (Me)dia

The advent and growth of social media has drastically changed the way we relate to both​​ 

one another and the world at large. While there are many positive aspects and benefits to be​​ 

derived from our use of such applications, it is​​ becoming increasingly apparent that there is​​ 

also a potentially pernicious side to our consumption of social media.​​ 


In particular, many studies are showing that social media can negatively impact our mental​​ 

health. While it is probably impossible (given their prevalence and widespread use), to​​ 

eschew social media platforms as a whole, and also, most likely something that none of us​​ 

particularly wants to do, as to do so would be to deprive ourselves of the benefits therein; I​​ 

would think it prudent that we​​ make ourselves aware of the potentially harmful effects we are​​ 

exposing ourselves to, and the ways in which we can protect ourselves from, or at the very​​ 

least, mitigate, the impact they have on us.​​ 


In that vein, below is a poem I have written, and a graphic I’ve designed, in the hope of​​ 

reminding us not to use our online social media presence and interactions as a means of​​ 

defining ourselves and our self-worth. I hope you enjoy reading it.​​ 

Social​​ (Me)dia


I weigh my worth in​​ Instagrams

My stock in​​ shares!

Incidentally,​​ in which direction am I​​ trending?

In the right direction?

I am? Thank God!

I’d be flawed if I​​ looked to​​ find​​ I was a​​ Tumblr


Like a Geiger counter, the level of my radiation

(The source of my validation)​​ 

Is measured by the frequency of clicks

On that note

I must devise some sneaky​​ clickbait

To enhance my dwindling​​ click rate


My status is defined by the status of my​​ status

Am I​​ liked?​​ Am I​​ loved?

Am I somebody’s​​ favourite?

Am I considered worth a​​ Mention?


Come on​​ Flickr, give me a​​ Flickr​​ of hope!

My blog post, please say someone’s​​ Reddit!

Are people content with my​​ content?​​ 

What’s the​​ feedback?

That reminds me,

I must add to my​​ content

Because adding to my​​ content, adds to my contentment,

I think?


Tell me,

Am I making an​​ impression?

Do I have any​​ presence,​​ any kind of​​ following?​​ 

What sort of​​ influence​​ or​​ reach​​ do I have?

Do I have any real​​ Klout?​​ 

Do I matter?


















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