The bonds of Holy Pepperoni​​ 


We are standing here today, about to be joined together, in the bonds of Holy​​ ‘Pepperoni’,

‘Salami’​​ start by saying,​​ 

It makes me so happy to know I am​​ going to spend the rest of my life with you,

Nothing is ever ‘topping’​​ that.

When I first laid eyes on you I thought you were a real ‘deep dish’,

But more importantly, as I came to know you, I came to love you for who you are.

I knew my love for you would​​ endure, that it​​ ‘wood burn’​​ on and on.

It would never wear ‘thin’, but forever​​ ‘deep pan’, standing the test of​​ ‘thyme’.

‘Olive’​​ you endlessly,

And So from this day forward, I promise every day to​​ ‘pepper’​​ you with that love,

Come rain or shine, through all​​ ‘four seasons’.

I realise, I am not the type who usually says things like this, and that this all may sound ‘extra cheesy’,

But to me our relationship is based on a mutual​​ ‘crust’

‘Stuffed’​​ not just with love, but with respect and friendship.

I promise to honour this every day, in everything we do and face together.​​ 

‘Dough’​​ I paint a picture of something perfect, I know it is not, and neither are we,

Our time together will not always be​​ ‘ham’onious’.

We might argue, I might​​ ‘pesto’​​ you,​​ ‘grate’​​ on you, and​​ ‘cheese’​​ you off.

But I know we will always find it within us to​​ a’pollo’gise, when we have wronged one another,

And the love that we have will see us through.

We are about to set off on a big adventure together, we’re off to big old​​ ‘Americano’,

Though​​ at this point we are not sure where it is exactly that we will end up,

I just want you to know that,

Whether we live in the​​ ‘sun dried’​​ dessert of Arizona, or in​​ ‘New York Style’,

Whether it’s somewhere warm, or somewhere​​ ‘chilli’,

I will do everything I​​ can to make it our home, and make you happy in it.

Even though I​​ ‘camembert’​​ to be away from you,

Sometimes work may call, and I may have to​​ ‘Rome’,

But I promise I’ll never​​ ‘bacon’​​ for long, and I’ll always be​​ ‘cumin’​​ back to you.

Should you ever fall ill, I promise I will care for you, whatever’s​​ ‘tomato’​​ with you,

And I promise that whatever may happen in our lives, I will always​​ ‘brie’​​ there for you.

I promise you all these things, but most importantly what I promise you is my heart,

Not just a​​ ‘pizza’​​ it, not just a​​ ‘slice’,

Today, and forever more, I am giving it all to you.















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