The bonds of Holy Pepperoni 


We are standing here today, about to be joined together, in the bonds of Holy ‘Pepperoni’,

‘Salami’ start by saying, 

It makes me so happy to know I am going to spend the rest of my life with you,

Nothing is ever ‘topping’ that.

When I first laid eyes on you I thought you were a real ‘deep dish’,

But more importantly, as I came to know you, I came to love you for who you are.

I knew my love for you would endure, that it ‘wood burn’ on and on.

It would never wear ‘thin’, but forever ‘deep pan’, standing the test of ‘thyme’.

‘Olive’ you endlessly,

And So from this day forward, I promise every day to ‘pepper’ you with that love,

Come rain or shine, through all ‘four seasons’.

I realise, I am not the type who usually says things like this, and that this all may sound ‘extra cheesy’,

But to me our relationship is based on a mutual ‘crust’

‘Stuffed’ not just with love, but with respect and friendship.

I promise to honour this every day, in everything we do and face together. 

‘Dough’ I paint a picture of something perfect, I know it is not, and neither are we,

Our time together will not always be ‘ham’onious’.

We might argue, I might ‘pesto’ you, ‘grate’ on you, and ‘cheese’ you off.

But I know we will always find it within us to a’pollo’gise, when we have wronged one another,

And the love that we have will see us through.

We are about to set off on a big adventure together, we’re off to big old ‘Americano’,

Though at this point we are not sure where it is exactly that we will end up,

I just want you to know that,

Whether we live in the ‘sun dried’ dessert of Arizona, or in ‘New York Style’,

Whether it’s somewhere warm, or somewhere ‘chilli’,

I will do everything I can to make it our home, and make you happy in it.

Even though I ‘camembert’ to be away from you,

Sometimes work may call, and I may have to ‘Rome’,

But I promise I’ll never ‘bacon’ for long, and I’ll always be ‘cumin’ back to you.

Should you ever fall ill, I promise I will care for you, whatever’s ‘tomato’ with you,

And I promise that whatever may happen in our lives, I will always ‘brie’ there for you.

I promise you all these things, but most importantly what I promise you is my heart,

Not just a ‘pizza’ it, not just a ‘slice’,

Today, and forever more, I am giving it all to you.